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Shani Shingnapur: a Village without Doors in India

Believe it or not, a village with about 300 buildings in the neighborhood, none of which has a door. Educational institutions and banks that are in the area it was also not have a door.

Not only buildings such as a home or office, even most of the public toilets in the area Shani Shingnapur has no door. "For privacy reasons and following the demand of most women, their recently agreed to add a thin curtain to cover the existing public toilets, but the door still does not exist, because it is contrary to our belief," said Parmeshwar Mane, who is a shopkeeper in the village.

12 Disney Princesses 2015 from Southeast Asia

The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia (TWDC SEA) together with Michael Chevas, famous photographers from Thailand and imaginative juggle nine celebrities from Southeast Asia to become an icon in the shooting Disney Princesses for Disney Princess Calendar 2015. Along with three other selected models, the 12 women will transformed into the princess in the Disney fairy tale.

Mia Khalifa: an Adult Movie Star from Lebanon

Mia Khalifa, The 21-year-old is well-educated and flourishing in her area of expertise, and she has legions of fans who support her. And on paper, Mia Khalifa is in a position to assume the role of Lebanon's cultural ambassador. There's only just a big one problem. She's an adult star.

Social Gas Mask created by Israeli Designer

Wearing a gas masks might be extremely useful in situation of a disaster, but they’re not the most stylish components and often make it challenging for customers to communicate with other individuals. But an Israeli industrial designer, Zlil Lazarovich, is trying to modify the way individuals understand gas masks. She has developed the world’s first ‘Social Gas Mask’ which not only looks stylish and smooth, but also allows for smooth public communications.

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